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Mark Carney @Bloomberg

« ― Much stress is there at the moment among the assets managers that […] some of the ESG […] products, that if you probe are not green.

― There is some stress and it’s great that there is that scrutiny. And there is that skepticism, or healthy skepticism, about ESG labels or “sustainable” labels, and again it’s one of the reasons we’re having this ruthless, relentless focus on net-zero. Because, in the end, look, we can’t stabilize the climate, unless we get to net-zero. And it’s as simple… These are hard numbers. Your emissions are either A or B. They are going up or down. And if they’re going down, are they going down consistent with the science, are they anchored in the science, the same science the UN and others use for […] objectives.

― But should this be compulsory. Should we not have regulators coming in and say “Well. This is a new definition. You stick by it. And we’re gone to […].”

― So. That is a good question. So let’s look at what happened with TCFD, climate disclosure. Six years ago, you and I were in Paris, we talked about this, we talked of other things. Now, that’s moving to be become mandatory. »

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